‘Something old … something new …. ‘

‘Something old … something new …. ‘

The sun shone for a very short time yesterday .. yay !!

Connor and I went into the garden for tea/cool drink … ahh … lovely .. rubbing bare feet on the thick green lawn and breathing in the fresh warm air ….

I called for Bradley to come outside too …

“No thank you, Granny .. I’m an indoor kind of person” was his exact reply !!! 🙂 🙂

… and this is what he was playing with …

… this rather ‘weather-beaten’ wooden garage which belongs to my son Carl .. who played endlessly with it and all his cars when he was Bradley’s age …. more than 25 years ago !!!!

Carl would have loved these cars going up and down the ramp and filling the parking bays …

… ‘fast and furious’ !!!! His cars were never in this ‘prestine’ condition .. his were always bashed and battered. He used to make them race each other, then crash together with force !!!! I wonder if that’s the reason why he became a paramedic !!!!

Carl will ‘inherit’ the garage but for now he and Nicole have a daughter, Erin … a very girly girl who loves ‘pink ‘everything’ … dresses …. and dollies…
.. but in the meantime it will be ‘put to good use’

6 Replies to “‘Something old … something new …. ‘”

  1. what a great toy….looks like hours of fun for your boys…..I have all my sons hotwheels and little cars…saving them for this grand baby coming in July….learning some good Grandma things from your blog…

  2. Love the these photo's, can see you had fun as well…not only the boys!!!Amazing that you still have the garage and cars…It make me think about my son, he had one as well…wonder what happened to his one.My grandson also loves his garage and cars….

  3. How wonderful! I remember an old garage similar to this one at my grandma's house that I loved to play with. When we go to visit her now my kids play with the same old one. Just goes to show that garages never go out of fashion.Oh and girly girls are the best, but even they like to play with cars. =)

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