Wordless Wednesday :

Wordless Wednesday :

Co. Galway, Ireland – Oct ’09
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  1. what an amazing photo Avril, looks so unreal – love the reflections – it makes the photo…am in love with that Ireland after seeing all your pics.Thanks SO much for you support on my blog today…I also like having time to myself – but as i said I have an sneaky idea who it is…someone who I know does not like me!!!! LOLAm moving on…but wanted to come over and thank u for the comment.

  2. I changed my setting not to accept ANON comments…cant see how it's changed for you..but is it easy enough now to comment.There are no yoga classes offered at our gym or in my area…and if they were I would struggle as in German…But agree with you…medication, yoga, all those sort of things are what I am bringing into my life as they cause harmony and balance.Am so out of balanced today…a few comments from yesterday knocked my socks off..LOL

  3. Thanks Avril…its also *ME again*..LOLI think I should buy a English dvd as it will be better than nothing..I agree its all about Bod and Mind…..The two go together.Snap – * your dad's comment * hehehe

  4. I really like how you captured the reflection. Reflections off water are always one of my favorite things to shoot…and they feature in today's WW!

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