Weekly Winners : Birthdays and more …

Weekly Winners : Birthdays and more …

Gosh .. it’s been a busy weekend and only now have the chance to put these up … !!!! (Monday)

Reflecting on the past week ….

… which started with my birthday on Sunday …. was spoilt by my children …. hubby gave me this exquisite ‘Carrol Boyes’ candle holder …. isn’t he gorgeous .. holding up the ‘world’ with those strong hands …

… we then flew down to Cape Town … (actually we flew SAA but couldn’t resist taking a photo of this Kulula plane taxiing down the runway – all their planes have funky paintwork and advertising) ….

Soothing sounds of a harp wafted around the foyer of the hotel ….

.. which is not far from the V&A Waterfront … our hotel is just off the photo to the right ..

… Victoria and Alfred Waterfront – named after Queen Victoria and her second son, Prince Alfred who started construction of the harbour in 1860 …

.. and forms part of … the tourist/shops/foodies part of the harbour … with beautiful Table Mountain as it’s backdrop …

.. and where the statues of Nobel Peace Prize Winners … from left to right … Chief Albert Luthuli, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mr F.W. de Klerk, and Mr Nelson Mandela …. stand proud ..

… anyone for ice cream ? …. quick .. it’s melting in the heat !!!

… ooooh yesss …. a cool ‘dude’ seal …

.. as the sun sets, the sunset cruises return to port …

Whilst hubby was at the conference, I spent some family time in Somerset West ….
.. and while Kathy went to beading … exquisite jewellery she makes too !! I am in awe !!! …

.. anyway .. while she went to beading .. I spent some time with my Mum. She is looking well although very thin. She knew me. Always breaks my heart when I say goodbye … she may not know me next time ..

Hubby joined us for a superb meal at ‘Daniella’s restaurant’ (she is one of the manager’s there) …. 96 Winery Road, in Stellenbosch .. Kathy, Ian, Daniella, me and hubby

… ooooh lookie here … exciting stuff on their menu … !!!! …
… and an intriguing box on the mantel … !!!

Not a moment to waste … wine tasting at Asara … mm .. mmm !!! all excellent wines !!

… and delicious Tapas with more family … oh yummy .. yes .. very yummmm ..

… overlooking the lake and Stellenbosch Mountains … (I’ve been there before with Ian and Kathy and taken photos .. so if it looks familiar to some bloggers .. it is !!!) But just had to share it with hubby, Cheryl and Bob (who had not been there yet) ..

Coffee with a view …. at the Twelve Apostles Hotel

.. and a seagull ..

Au revoir … ’til we meet again ..

Back home …
… on Saturday was Connor’s 3rd birthday party …. and all our three children were there … in the same spot …. at the same time …. we all live here .. but it’s very rare that they are altogether at the same time …. photo opportunity !!!!

Happy Birthday Connor !!!!

Fun waterslide for all the littlies … and some biggies!!! Jeanette has more photos … check them out … they are far nicer than mine could ever be … !!!

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  1. You saved the best for last!!! Loved this post, some of the photos of the Table Mountain almost looked like paintings with that dramatic cloudy sky. I'm glad you had a good time and got to spend some time with Mom.

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