I always sleep so well ..

I always sleep so well ..

… at Ian and Kathy’s in Somerset West !!!!! 🙂

When my Mum first went into the Old Aged Home several years ago, my visits consisted of spending the entire day with her .. taking her to teas, coffees, lunches … more teas, coffees, lunches …. at many of the picturesque wine estates, gardens, beaches, tea\coffee rooms all in that area of the Cape. I used to go back to their house exhausted … chat until wee hours .. then fall into bed at night … and sleeeeeppp !!! I was always exhausted … mainly mentally !!!

Now that my Mum can no longer go ‘out and about’ and my visits to her can only last a maximum of an hour at a time …. the rest of my time is spent … not lazing on my brother’s fine deck overlooking the entire False Bay … no … no … no !!!!

I am kept very busy !!!! 🙂 I love it actually !!!

Last week, I was only there for one night and two days …. Kathy and I seem to be on the go the whole time … had a tyre repaired at the ‘tyre repair place’, tried to sort a stove that wouldn’t fit into their apartment which is occupied by a tenant …. no matter what .. it just wouldn’t fit ! … so we had to take it back …. do exchanges etc … etc … 🙂 In the middle of getting a quick bite to eat … nooo leisurely lunch with a glass of wine here !! … her phone rang and we were off again … to do another errand !!! 🙂 🙂

I visited Mum while Kathy went to a ‘beading session’. As we had to share her car, I dropped her off at her friends home .. and what a beautiful home !!!! .. perched on the side of a mountain with views forever .. or so they said … could only see smoke that day, unfortunately, as there were devastating mountain fires in the Franschhoek region.

When I got back to collect her, I stayed for a cup of tea and marvelled once again at the intricate detail that goes into beading !! I sat with a group of ‘beaders’ the last time I was there and was totally mesmerised by the exquisite jewellery they were threading together …

Kathy’s friend, S, pulled out some boxes for me to peek inside … Christmas decorations which adorned her entire Christmas tree over the Festive Season … oh wow … they are amazing !!!

Little teeny tiny angels, stars, and even little Christmas crackers ..

… snow flakes that twinkle held against the light …. can imagine them with all the Christmas lights on a tree …. twinkling and sparkling … !!!

A box filled with Christmas ballies covered in intricately beaded designs which dangled and caught the light like tiny chandeliers …

Christmas ballies … with air inside .. no filling .. just air … made entirely of shiny beads … and I might add … perfectly round !!!!

Little wreaths and danglies …

.. different sizes of angels with pretty wings and skirts … one was all frilly … (it’s the way the beads are put together that makes the frills, I was told !!!) … absolutely fascinating !!!

.. and look at this fine chap …. sparklingly perfectly round body and head !!! … keeping warm with scarf and fancy hat … love his ‘carrot’ nose !!!! There are even tassles at the end of his scarf!!

Oh .. these are clever ladies indeed !!!! Thank you, S, for the tea and an insight into your amazing craft!!

Now … off to make a cake for Connor’s birthday !!!! He has asked me to make a ‘Granny’s Speciality’ … !! Can’t believe he’s three already .. seems like the other day he was in NICU after his birth !!!

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  1. What beautiful decorations! I do love Snowy, the Snowman .. and the angels! Power was eventually restored last night after it started and stopped and couple of times. Still no idea what happened. Tried to call City Power all day yesterday. The just don't answer their phones!

  2. What a fantastic blog Avril. It is such a pleasure having you here. S beaded Xmas decorations are fantastic. I am so happy you were able to share with us!!!!

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