“Raindrops on roses ..”

“Raindrops on roses ..”

.. and whiskers on kittens … “….

No kittens .. no whiskers … only raindrops on roses …

.. same rose .. different angle ..

… another angle ..

.. and another …
An opening bud ….

… from a different angle ..

A tighter bud …

.. from a different angle ..

.. one more bud .. all from the one rose bush : Queen Elizabeth

I planted a ‘Queen Elizabeth’ rose bush in my garden 30 years ago .. as time passed, trees grew, the shade changed and I eventually had to take out the original roses. This is a ‘newish’ bush – it’s in it’s second season … flourishing nicely …

Have two rose bushes (name unknown) with these red tight-open flowers …

… they show up orangey in photo but they’re red .. believe me !!! The first bush was grown from a cutting brought from the grounds of the complex where my Mum and Dad lived for a while … I then grew another bush from another cutting .. successfully !!! Transplanted both bushes two years ago and they are now also flourishing !!

Bradley … deep in thought … ‘what are you doing .. ?’

“… ‘ta daa’ …. a tower .. nearly as tall as my brother …”

Not much photographic variety for my contributions to Weekly Winners …
… sooo … I’ll add the wine I’ve been drinking this week .. from the Lourensford Wine Estate on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains, Somerset West .. which I happen to have a photo of … taken during my December trip last year ..
Their flagship cab/shiraz blend … “black cherry, hint tobacco, classy feel and flavours with supportive oak for fine-grained dry finish” !!! It’s rather yummy … !! Photo taken yesterday .. on my garden bench !!

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9 Replies to ““Raindrops on roses ..””

  1. Love the roses, especially the first one. One of my favorite memories as a girl is being at my grandmother's and helping her tend her rose garden. The smell of the different roses and the silkiness of their petals is something that makes me think of her always.

  2. gorgeous roses. i too have fond memories of roses – my parents have much greener thumbs than i – and i'm envious of anyone who can grow them!

  3. A couple of beautiful "inspirational e-mail image" photos of the drops on the roses. Now send it on to 10 friends who you haven't spoken to in the last week (or something like that).

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