“The sky fell down today ..

“The sky fell down today ..

.. and I must go and tell the King …. “

… just like Chicken Licken … an acorn fell on Chicken Licken and he went on his way to tell the King that the sky was falling down.

I was shaken! Still am !!

A ceiling board fell on my mat at pilates this morning … square onto the mat .. with a thud … dust and bits and pieces from inside the ceiling fell with it. We were doing leg stretches … lying on the back, one leg up, stretching the hamstring muscle … and then I saw it start to fall above my body!

In a split second I rolled over to my left and the entire piece fell … with a thud .. onto my mat .. where I had been lying .. just a second earlier!

Nobody else saw it .. it happened that fast!! The other ladies all said they heard a noise and saw me sitting .. upright … in a cloud of dust !!

I was lucky … very lucky … I could have been badly hurt – it could have done a lot of damage to my nose, eyes, face and body … I was lying on my back …

.. and .. as luck would have it .. the chappie who was up in the ceiling … and whose leg dangled out through the gaping whole … didn’t fall with it! He would have landed on me too !!! Iwas so shaken I didn’t realise there was anyone up in the ceiling or for that matter, saw the dangling leg!

We carried on with the pilates class after I recovered a bit from the shock of knowing that I was in one piece, but I moved well away from all the debris and kept my eye on the ceiling in case anymore bits came down !

I have had apologies from several people in Management of the gym – Virgin Active, Roodepoort – as repairs to the airconditioning should NOT have been carried out while there was a class in progress.

All ‘things’ happen in three’s … this, I am hoping is the third.

A couple of years ago, Elaine and I were driving on a public road which goes under part of building which connects two buildings of the Cresta Shopping Centre. A long piece of metal casing used for covering wires came away from the building and dropped onto the bonnet of my car, narrowly missing the windscreen and Elaine. We were not hurt.

Two years ago, the whole ceiling in our lounge fell down. The first section fell while I was in the bath. My hubby came to tell me what the tremendous noise was, at which I left out of the bath and with towel wrapped around, I gazed in disbelief at the mess and the gaping whole, when the rest of the ceiling gave way, covering us in a cloud of dust. We were not hurt.

I think this is no. 3 … I was not hurt .. I was sooo lucky !

I have just bought a lottery ticket! 🙂

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  1. so glad you are okay Avril..so scary…I got hit by a flying piece of sheetrock during a storm…I was at Home Depot…it hit me in the back…you know they didn't even seem concerened about it…thank goodness no real damage just scared me to death…still nervous during high winds…

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