Our little Princess turns 3 !!

Our little Princess turns 3 !!

Erin had her 3rd birthday party yesterday, Sunday, at my son’s home … the first thing she showed us when Elaine and I arrived, was her new Princess vanity, complete with hairdryer, brush and comb … (my hubby is away on business and Jeanette and family were still on holiday, so it was only Elaine and I at the party – they missed a lovely party! 🙂

“mirror mirror on the wall .. who’s the fairest of them all” ….. ME !!!
She was soooo excited !! … Doesn’t that face just make your heart melt !!!
Gorgeous Princess Barbie cake made by Nicole (her mom .. our DIL) … which I might add was delicious and completely demolished by all!! I have never been to a party where the whole cake is eaten .. well, this one was !
Sharing sweets with her best .. BEST friend from school in this gorgeous tent …. which was a hit with all the little friends …. a special place for sharing sweets … stories … and secrets !!!

Erin is a miracle baby … my son and daughter in law were told they would never be able to have children …. well … ‘they’ were wrong …. three years ago, on Easter Sunday, Erin came into this world …

Happy 3rd Birthday special little Princess …

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  1. Avril your little 3 year old princess is the cutest one, look at the joy written all over her face, how do you stop yourself from wanting to eat her all up!! Very clever mommy with that birthday cake.

  2. Hello! What a great party. Too bad Auntie Jeanette missed it. 🙁 Thank you for letting me know that my post today meant something for you. IT really does my heart good to know that sometimes my words find the people who need it most. ♥

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