Weekly Winners : 17 – 24 April

Weekly Winners : 17 – 24 April

Monday : Had a very busy day yesterday … houseful of family !!! .. and wasn’t able to finish putting up my Weekly Winners .. not that there are many photos …. ‘cos … the week started with lovely warm blue skies …

… and then the wind blew … scattering more leaves around the garden and pool …

.. then the rain came … and stayed … and stayed

…. lovely weather for a good glass of Pinotage from Doolhof Wine Estates in Wellington … “A burst of chocolate/mocha aromas, rich black cherries, coffee and almonds” .. now how can you resist ? !!! … especially with an alluring label like this one ..

A week’s worth of photos wouldn’t be the same without one of our gorgeous grandchildren even though he is one tooth less !!

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  1. I wish the rain would come our way and stay and stay. We have had little bits in the city and the lawns are nice and green, but the dams are slowly running empty.

  2. Helloooooooooooooooo from a chilly DE today!!When I read * a houseful of family * my heart sank and I felt so sad for myself as that is something I miss and don't have living here, am so pleased you are able to enjoy your family the way you do…Autumn has hit SA…and Spring here, how we live with opposites you and I.I remember when my eldest daughter lost her front teeth and another *vein* woman said to me…* This is such an ugly stage * I have never forgotten it…It hurt me so so so much…I thought my child was beautiful with or without her front teeth…I wonder how she dealt with it when her daughter lost her teeth…wonder if she remembered what she said to me!!!The things we never forget.Bradley looks as handsome as ever and had new teeth to look forward to!My sister in law also drinks a red wine with chocolate flavor…tried it – but struggled…am not a wine drinker and when I find one I like I tend to stick to it…thankfully have found a Rose' and Red ( semi sweet ) wine I like here in Germany.

  3. don't you love a house full of family…your grandson is growing up so much…love the toothless grin…our schnauzer Nolan has a loose tooth that we are going to have to get pulled…he's 7 years old…reminds me of my kiddos loosing teeth…thankgoodness most of theirs came out on there own…

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