It’s my Mum’s birthday today !!

It’s my Mum’s birthday today !!

My thoughts have been with her all day .. hoping she is having a good day today! The last time I visited her at the Old Aged Home in Somerset West, she wasn’t having a good day and she didn’t know me 🙁

Nostalgia time : I looked at old photos that were scanned onto CD’s at the time they were developed into printed photographs (our photographic shop I used to print my photos had that service …. when digital photographs became more popular than the printed form)

I get very upset when I see my Mum as she is now but will always remember her as she was – a sparkling personality living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment of whatever she did, never sitting still for a minute .. always on the go … always busy …

I came across these photos taken in March 2004 when Bradley was learning to crawl, with my Mum, who had come for a holiday from Zimbabwe, giving him lots of encouragement …

I remember this moment (below) … Bradley had been touching his toes and my Mum was showing him that she could touch hers too …

A happy .. and healthy time .. Mum with her grandchildren (Jeanette, Carl and Elaine) and great grandchild … (2004)

I’m going back in time here – a previous visit from Mum (she came as often as she could!) … this one, below, was taken in 2003 … four generations ..

… and lastly, earlier in that year when Mum met her first great grandchild, Bradley … a special moment …

Happy Birthday Mummy … I love and miss you lots

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  1. Avril I want to cry and cry reading this post….Its so sad how quickly we age and how time goes by. Reading this makes me think of my own life and how soon I will be in your mothers shoes and how scary that thought is…I know you are missing your mom….its so sad…I really feel for you here and as I said – I have a mom who is healthy yet we dont make enough of the time we have together…I feel she has forgotten about me here in Germany, I feel so alone…its horrible.Big cyber hug my friend.

  2. Its good to remember loved ones through pictures, which reminds one to take more of those close to you while you have the opportunity. Amazing how much Bradley looks like Connor in the 3rd picture.

  3. What a lovely tribute to her. It is so sad to see them growing older and just loosing the important memory stuff.

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