Weekly Winners :

Weekly Winners :

Monday – better late than never, for my Weekly Winners !!!! The heavens have opened again this morning .. it’s dark and rainy … again !!! When will it stop? Very unusual for this time of year .. lovely for the garden except some plants think it’s spring or mid summer and are sprouting new leaves … which will get zapped when the frosts come ….

One plant that should be flowering at this time of year, and is flourishing, is the indigenous yellow Cape Honeysuckle (Tecomaria capensis) …

… the cluster of buds open up …

.. to reveal tubular shaped flowers which die off quite quickly with others to follow ..

.. another autumn special are the roses with their last blooms for the season .. like the white Icebergs ..

Delicate pink Queen Elizabeth looks rather shy and hides her face under a patch of bright sunlight …

Autumn blues of the hydrangea ..

A prickly aloe slipped/gate crashed into the ‘autumn collection’ ..

I have never grown tulips .. must give it try one year … I have to buy them …

.. love their perfect form and striking colour …
Elaine and Bryan went off to a friend’s wedding on Saturday where Jeanette was the wedding photographer … I took a few of my own pics before they left .. “Ahh .. mom .. that’s enough ! ” says she …

Weekly Winners without grandchildren is rather dull .. here is Bradley in his ‘Soccer Friday’ t’shirt … everyone is encouraged to wear ‘soccer’ shirts on Friday’s including the school children .. they love it .. no uniforms for one day a week !!!
.. just smile for Granny, pleeeease !!

Captured Connor counting/collecting leaves ..

“Can I put it through the window” is what he was saying … odd child !!! No .. you cannot !

Ok .. will play tennis instead … yikes .. great shot, Granny, did you see ? ..

“Watch this … are you ready, Granny .. “

” Phew … that was a good game ” ..

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8 Replies to “Weekly Winners :”

  1. Some great flower pics, weird how I find I take lots of pics of flowers as I dont have people around me!!!Elaine looks stunning – what a little figure she has there – am sure she was a hit at the wedding.Love all the soccer shirts. Don't think my grand boys have any as Dad is a rugby fan….but maybe as the Soccer competition gets closer they too will be sporting on…I want one!!I should have bought one in P'nP when I saw them there in pink!Can see the boys love going to granny's house!!

  2. I love succulents, so I am glad the aloe gate crashed. LOL. I am getting quite dispondent seeing all the rain you get and how little our dams are getting.

  3. Love the flowers. Elaine looks gorgeous!! and Connor is just too cute. Bradely is getting so big. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

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