Bradley turned 7 yesterday !!!

Bradley turned 7 yesterday !!!

Prezzie ready and waiting …

.. and the ‘Granny’s Speciality’ birthday cake .. with a difference .. I hear you say !! Yep .. not the customary Smarties as Smarties have gone ‘green/organic/healthy’ and contain no artificial colouring which makes ‘Granny Speciality’ cakes rather dull! So I tried jelly beans instead … and added a touch of sparkle !

Bradley couldn’t wait to open his prezzie .. still dressed in his karate suit .. with Connor eager .. very eager .. to help with the ribbon ..

… much to Connor’s disgust he decided to open the card first … yay .. he can read … !!!

He wrote me a list of ‘Mr Men’ books – to add to his collection of Mr Men books – which has been stuck on the fridge since Christmas .. so he was thrilled that I remembered !! …

“Yay .. new Lego ..” I am amazed at Lego, how they keep up with trends .. Spiderman, Ben 10 etc as well as this one … under the sea Atlantis .. with the usual ‘goodies and badies’ and odd looking vehicles with arms that do all sorts of crazy things !
“..look what you do with this one! …”

Happy Birthday to you … happy birthday to you …. happy birthday dear Bradley … happy birthday to you … hip hip hooray …

A family photo … !!! Rare indeed ! Pity about the background …

Eyes tightly closed ….. making a wish .. wishing .. wishing … wishing .. …. ….. !!
Can’t believe he’s 7 already !
Happy Birthday Bradley ‘ Bear’ !! 🙂 Granny and Papa love you lots and lots … and lots …

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  1. Avril, am so jealous, you've been a granny for a whole 7 years and me only 5!!!!!!Happy birthday Bradley, you are so loved by your granny, she loves sharing you with all her blog friends – I love seeing your photo's and am wondering what that birthday cake tasted like?? Yummy?? looks very yummy to me, and all those lovely presents…hope you enjoy being a whole 7!

  2. Happy Birthday to Bradley. I have one issue with Lego = they literally have hundreds of boys things and about 3 girls sets and my girlchild loves Lego.

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