Skywatch Friday :

Skywatch Friday :

Not at all spectacular but this is what our garden is looking like right now – 7.00 am (Friday)…

… very very unusual for this area, this part of Johannesburg, to be shrouded in thick mist …

.. put’s a kind-of romantic feel to the garden that I see every single day !!!!

Photo below is taken from the dining room window toward the back garden (for those who have seen my garden photos before – look at the height of the hydrangeas – closest to camera on right .. they are mid-window height!) They never cease to amaze me .. how they grow out of their very old gnarled base into specimens of grandeur! 🙂

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  1. I like fog. It has a mysterious yet romantic, but also a scary feel to it. And it makes for great photography if you find the right subject.

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