Weekly Winners :

Weekly Winners :

The weekend started with a grey, heavy mist on Friday morning, most unusual for our area …

.. and then everything turned pink on Saturday …

.. when Erin came to stay with us for the weekend … (she just LOVES pink !)

… she was absolutely delighted when I took out two of Elaine’s Barbies …

.. perfectly posed for the photo shoot …
.. “Barbie … you WILL fit into the Barbie car …”

… “B A A A R R B I E E E S” !!!

… ” he he he ” !!! Happy girl !!!

Then Erin got hold of my camera and started snapping away …. that’s hubby and I !!

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  1. That little *Pink* girl of yours, Erin, is too adorable…the one picture had me laughing I could just picture the whole situation and her talking away to her Barbie's.The first pic does look very erie – misty…and chilly.

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