Moments like this …

Moments like this …

… make me smile ! … No .. it’s not the full tank of petrol !!!!!!

.. sometimes they make me just a little sad … a milestone for my car .. but ‘her’ mileage (kilometres as we have here) will never be the same again .. and that makes me sad …

.. but it always makes me smile .. kind-of a thrill in fact .. that I was watching the numbers click over at that precise time !! 011111 happened yesterday … a moment in time !!
The other day on one of our local radio stations – 702 – the question was asked ‘what gives you a thrill?’ Listeners either phoned in, sent sms’s or emails to the host of the programme .. one of them was that she/he watches the kilometre gauge reach ‘milestones’. I do it too!!
It also made me think of all the tiny little things that give me a ‘thrill’ .. a ‘lift’ for a moment … put a smile on my face …. I will just share one :
.. when my grandson, Bradley, was younger (before Connor was born) I used to stop on the way home from his nursery school at the empty local school’s playing field, and we used run …. and run … and twirl …. and twirl … with arms stretched out wide .. the whole world was ours !!!
I must do it with Connor ..
What is your moment in time that gives you that little lift?

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  1. Oh Avril that is a moment in time for sure….I watch my mileage on my car as well…love the little milestones.With having a new car its also fun to see – and I hardly drive it here so it takes long long and lots of patience to reach milestones.Can just picture you and Bradley during those special moments…sounds a lot of fun.My moments that give me a lift are when I get little Voice messages via my Blackberry of my grandchildren.

  2. Strange, I keep an eye on the milage as well. I agree with you. Life needs to have its simple little pleasures. If only we make more time to enjoy them.

  3. seeing the milestones of my childrens lives….graduation…purchasing their 1st car…my sons wedding…finding out I will be a grandma….seeing the children my daughter has taught dance to take off and shine…seeing my daughter perform…watching my husband beam with pride for our children…and the dancers our daughter has taught…

  4. I love Jeannette's comment about the twirling! Waking up early in the morning feeling fit and rested, ready to start the day like I have this morning. To see a blue sky and hear the birds sing. It's a lovely day here in Belgium!

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