Father’s Day lunch at Mo-Zam-Bik

Father’s Day lunch at Mo-Zam-Bik

Adding to Jeanette’s post yesterday of our most enjoyable and special family Father’s Day lunch at a new Mozambican restaurant …

.. where our children … Bryan included .. spoilt their Dads (and me!) …. to the most delicious food … Mozambique style …

… peri peri sauce in it’s ‘unique’ bottle and roasted peanuts wrapped in brown paper on each table …..

…. although we had wine … the Mozambican beer was more of hit !!!

… our family ….

Jeanette and Lance …

Carl with his ‘little’ sister Elaine (who organised the whole the thing … thanks so much, sweetie pie 🙂

Carl and Nicole ..

…. with Erin ..

…” hey … that’s my ice cream … !!! ”

… yummmmm !!

Boys will be boys …. I wonder how secure that boat is on that wall ? … Connor testing it … !!!!

Definitely a winner … Mo-Zam-Bik Restaurant at Trinity Centre, Randpark Ridge

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  1. It looks like an great restaurant. We haven't been out for a while cause money is maar tight, but its always great to go out with the family for outings like this.

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