Weekly Winners :

Weekly Winners :

Connor and Jackie … togetherness …

A boy and a dog ….

.. a boy giving a dog a love/a squeeze

…. a boy telling the dog he loves her …

… a boy giving the dog a kiss !!!!

… then ‘the boy’ gets hold of camera and takes photo of his granny … (would have been legs and feet if granny hadn’t crouched 🙂 )!!!!

Connor and I (photos above !) were in the back garden having fed the birds and not long after Connor had put the apple there, it was nibbled on by a few birds … amongst them was this Black Collared Barbet …

Jeanette’s birthday was yesterday. I made my ‘speciality chocolate cake’ without the usual smarties !!!! Ohhh nooo !!! … but sprinkled it with teeny tiny stars instead … stars for a ‘star daughter’ …

Fortunately I had made the cake earlier that morning as the power went out in the afternoon and had to cook camping style !!!! (which by the way, we don’t DO camping – these are for emergency use ONLY!) We have two gas bottles with cooker tops for cooking when the electricity goes off .. which used to be frequent .. very frequent .. but we are now cut off less frequently, fortunately … but it just happen to go off when I was cooking our dinner .. Jeanette’s birthday dinner!

Sooo .. out came the gas stuff. Bryan offered his Mom’s Wonder Bag to help with the cooking process – dashed home to fetch it and returned with this amazing bag …
I had heard of them years ago but had never actually seen one. I had heard how good they were for slow cooking. It’s hard to believe anything could cook in it but it does! Whatever you are cooking has to be boiled first (soup, casseroles, etc) then pop the pot into the bag … pop the lid/cover/hat on …. tie it nice and tight … and it cooks …. s l o w l y ….!!

It works !!!! It’s amazing !!! I must get one !!!!

And here’s the birthday girl …

.. blowing out her candles …

… and finally, must add Bradley, with chocolate smeared lips and sporting his new haircut !!!!

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  1. I'm just thinking of how much you seem to love your grandkids. Its wonderful for a grandmother to be able to spend so much quality time with the grandkids. But now I am getting philosophical. LOL.

  2. About your wonder bag – You can achieve the same effect with any old blanket. Find a safe spot where a dog/cat/kids/husband wont toss the blanket off assuming it's just a blanket. Prepare your dinner as normal and then wrap it up tightly in the blanket. I use an old retired sleeping bag; tucked into a spare deep draw in the kitchen. 🙂

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