This is what helps Elaine’s jaw …

This is what helps Elaine’s jaw …

… so I phoned Elaine’s therapist, who was referred by her orthodontist to see if she could help with my anxiety. She said she could … so I decided to give it a try.

When Elaine started her treatment with the orthodontist, which began with a silicone template on the bottom teeth, then top braces and then bottom teeth braces, she was referred to a physio who specialises in Cranial Sacral Therapy. (She needed the orthodontic treatment to release pressure in the jaw joint which caused her jaw to click and frequently dislocate.) The therapy helped her so much in the beginning, leaving her jaw relaxed enough for the treatment to work it’s ‘magic’ ! She has been for therapy on the odd occasion when her jaw goes into a spasm .. when new wires and elastics are put on, it results in quite a bit of pain. Two weeks ago, more wires and stronger elastics were added and she was in terrible pain …. again.

A visit to the therapist worked wonders and she came back home so relaxed and spasm free! This is when I thought that I would give it try. I also came home so relaxed and slept all afternoon! This video shows the therapist working only on the head, but they start at the feet and work their way up the body, releasing trapped energy. She found I had trapped negative energy in my liver (which is a sign of stress and anxiety) and all across my upper chest and shoulders – where I get ‘the alien’ feelings starting. She ‘worked’ for a long time in this area and so releasing the energy. It’s not only her doing the work, she told me to turn that negative energy into positive energy (which I have been struggling with … thinking positively when you are in that state is hard … very hard.)

I thought she would leave me to relax while she ‘worked’ but she talked most of the time putting a different perspective on what I was feeling. I now am consciously turning that negative energy into positive energy and it seems to be working !! I have changed the gender of the negative energy and given it a ‘form’ and she is now in my garden! Sounds a little daft .. but that’s what I’ve done … I have to use ‘her’ to work ‘for’ me … and not ‘against’ me! Sounds weird, I know, but hey … it’s working ! I have reduced the tranquilisers by half … and today, I haven’t had any … ok, it is Sunday and a relaxing day but it’s better than any other day .. for 7 weeks !!!

Tomorrow will be a good day !!!!

BTW … my negative energy is now positive energy and her name is …… Gemima !!!

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