Why do I have to pay ?

Why do I have to pay ?

Mr Blogger won’t let me download anymore photos unless I pay (in American dollars) for more space? I have not ever paid for space – has anyone else?

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  1. Do you Deb? !!! Not sure whether I want to do that .. my daughter suggested changing to WordPress but I have no idea how to do that – will have to either sit with her (when she has the time, or with Elaine (when she has the time) or work it out myself!

  2. This is what I have figured out. Images uploaded through Blogger is stored in your Picasa Web Album which seems to have a free limit of 1024 MB. After that you probably need to buy a pro account or something to upload more. I make all my pics for Firefly Photo Files the smallest I can that is still big enough and for PEDP a bit bigger cause they show bigger. This means that in the two years that I hace been blogging I have only used 13% of my allocation. I take it you just upload your pics as they are and thus they have used up your allocation. An option is for you to start a second Blogger profile for yourself and link that profile to your blog as a second contributer. This will aloow you to continue with the blog without paying more. Hope this help.Images and photos that are uploaded through Blogger get stored in your Picasa Web Albums, which are part of your Google Account. The number of images you can upload is therefore dependent on the amount of space you are using on Picasa Web Albums. To find out how much space you have available, please see these instructions.If you would like to purchase more storage space, the Picasa Web Albums help center can tell you how.

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