Skywatch Friday :

Skywatch Friday :

Well .. my day has been messed up already … waiting for paving people to come and fix our driveway .. and I am waiting … waiting … so have missed my gym session!   

.. which meant I sat down with this new blog again – which is more frustrating !!    Everything is so different here .. will I get used to it?    This photo for instance should be in the middle but it appears (in the draft on the left)  and will probably pop up in the middle once I publish …  is this technique just to keep you on your toes ? !

Connor was determined to take this photo of the sun so here it is …  not a bad a photo but not very good for his eyes … looking into the sun ..

… so I made him take a photo of the weaver making his nest …

I zoomed in to get a closer look at the tangling and twisting that goes into making a perfect home …

For more spectacular skies around the world visit Skywatch  

Soooo .. how did I do with my new blog ?   Oh my goodness … so many changes and challenges !!!  



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