He dreams of me …

He dreams of me …

.. that’s our little Connor!

When I picked him up from nursery school yesterday, and while we were gathering up his school bag, tracksuit top and his ‘baking’ (which was a pink pig’s face made with really really sweet pink icing on a Marie biscuit)  … he was a little bleary-eyed as he had just woken up from his nap … and I so love it when he wakes up .. always smiles .. and those little dimples ….  just so cute .. you have to cuddle him!

Anyway .. while we were gathering up his stuff, he said to me 

“I dreamed of you, Granny”

Me – “You dreamed of me? … that’s lovely!  Do you dream of me often?”

Connor – ” Yes … all the time! ”

Huggable child !!!

He told me something else later in the afternoon.  I bought new cool drinks for the children, a new flavoured ‘Capri-sun’ – a cool drink in a sachet with a straw (Bradley can drink them as they have no preservatives) … and these have a picture of a lion on them.

When he saw it he said … “The TV told me about these ! ” 

Cute, hey ?

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