Weekly Winners :

Weekly Winners :

Wakey …. wakey Jackie …

…Spring is here …

My garden is bursting from it’s winter slumber ….

…… squeezing through …

… with new leaves reaching to the blue sky …

…. or just reaching !!

…. and spring blossoms of pale delicate pinks …  

… tiny white clusters of the Cape May ..  

…. shades of purples and grey of lavender …

… soft yellow of the banksia rambling rose …

… the changing shades and sweet scent of the Yesterday Today and Tomorrow …

… when last year’s berries/seeds of the clivia still on the plants …

…. make way for the buds …

… which open up into brilliant orange flowers …

Bradley and Connor picked a bunch for Mommy …. but left them for me 🙂  ….. lucky granny !  

Thought I would end with some collages .. mainly ‘cos I had taken soooo many photos this week 😉  – can you smell my sweetpeas ??  

I have spent the weekend in my garden …. it felt good … very good !!  Having gone through all those weeks of anxiety, panic attacks, lacking confidence, no enthusiasm for anything whatsoever, regular visits to the psychologist, trying all sorts of self-help remedies …. etc .. etc .. and finally going on a wonderful holiday with my hubby … 

… all of which worked and I am back to my old self again !!!   I hope never to be in that dark place again where amongst other things, I found my garden to be a not-a-nice-place, a place where I felt … what am I doing this for … why I am tending my garden for someone else one day, in the future … what is the point in it all? 

I am ME again … I love my garden !!!   It gives me peace … it gives me contentment … it gives me joy ….  (usually !!!! …. our gardener, Samuel, does frustrate me sometimes when he doesn’t listen to me and does he own ‘thing’ !!  He also doesn’t see the weeds !!!) 

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16 Replies to “Weekly Winners :”

  1. Spring has really sprung and there are flowers all over the show. I’m just not taking as many picture as you are at the moment. I need to get out there.

  2. Avril….so glad your back to you…love the flowers…your starting spring and we are ending summer…I’m sad to see summer go…it is my favorite time of the year….it will be several months till winter hits…thank goodness….

  3. Beautiful. Also, so glad you found your way back. I know from experience that it isn’t easy. I think I am in need of finding my way back as well. Beautiful photos.

  4. Avril,
    I was quite touched to see through your eyes so much beauty and it suddenly made me think of your Dad and how bursting with pride he would have been to see how observant and aware you are of the beauty around you. He would have said ‘I have a truly beautiful daughter; I am so proud of you’
    With love

    1. Thank you Helen .. you’ve brought tears to my eyes. He passed away on 2nd Sept 2001, 9 years ago – how time has passed. I miss him so much. He would have loved to hear all about our overseas holidays too, and poured over photographed, looking at each one in detail. He was special.

      Pete and I are going to see both the Mum’s at the end of Oct. Two days in Somerset West and then two days in Hermanus. Kathy (Ian’s wife) said Mum is doing fine. Lately she’s been in her own world and unable to speak – only mumbles, but on Sat they went to visit and she was chatting away with two of the sisters. She was so pleased to see them and said how she loves being there! Sometimes I think she’s about to depart from this world and other times she hangs on … she is such a strong person. Very special.

      Off to fetch the little one from school – I get into trouble from the teacher when I am late … and that is often !!!! 🙂

      Love Avril

      1. When you visit your Mum in October; just maybe your Mum would remember me; if she does please give her my love and tell her how fondly I remember both her and Gordon. They were so kind to me, a young woman just starting out on her life’s adventure!

        With love

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