Tropical Island = Romance = Weddings

Tropical Island = Romance = Weddings

Whilst holidaying in Mauritius recently, hubby and I saw several beach weddings.  I’ve never seen a beach wedding … it’s the kind of thing one only sees on TV, generally!! … so of course I had to take photos!! 

This was the first wedding we came across while walking along the beach …

Below : I am a bit of a stickler for detail and thought the organizers could move those empty boxes off/under the champagne table !!  The ‘sound system’ was kind-of hidden so the boxes could have been hidden too …

Bridegroom in sunglasses !!!! …. but doesn’t the bride look gorgeous! 

Zoomed in to get the top photo of the wedding ceremony … didn’t want to intrude ….

….but as can be seen from the photo below, it’s not altogether a ‘private affair’ – under the last grass umbrella on the beach was a middle aged woman sunbathing topless !! 

We had a long chat with the wedding official before the ceremony, who said there is at least one wedding ceremony, possibly two or three being performed every single day on the island of Mauritius …  busy, busy people !!

He also said at this particular hotel, some couples choose either a beach ceremony on the sand, like this one, or they use the gazebo (below) under the palm trees, or an archway covered in flowers (that’s what the couple used the following day ).  The security guard hovered around just to make sure everything went smoothly ….

Couldn’t resist taking the late afternoon sun through the white gazebo  …

This young couple were also taking photos !! … he said we were “the paparazzi ” !!!!  

… I captured this moment … he was capturing his wife’s happy tears!!

Romantic setting for a wedding dinner for two ….

I didn’t go back to see what flowers/candles/glasses were used but no doubt it looked lovely …

3 Replies to “Tropical Island = Romance = Weddings”

  1. beautiful images Avril…looks very romantic..

    I learned something which I’m not sure you are aware of.
    While shooting the restaurant the other day I was indoors while people were eating, I was taking photo’s in different settings to see which worked best with the light…I was going to shoot the restaurant when it was empty for a postcard going out to clients. Anyway this man walks up to me and asks me ~ why am I taking photo’s and that I am not allowed to use any of the images with himself and the group he was sitting with as he has not signed and given me permission.
    The owner explained in german that I was testing the lighting only …
    Then he explained to me that you have to have peoples signature if you are going to show photo’s of them anywhere otherwise they can sue you…
    LESSON LEARNED…so will have to be very careful as I am inclined to take photo’s of strangers and post them on my blog or FB…

    Did you know about this…I think we need to warn each other…

  2. I can imagine that there are many weddings in Mauritius like this. Such a romantic setting. As for Marcelle’s comment. Thats quite true, but only really if you focus on their faces or if they are the subject of the photo… I think.

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