Excitedly .. Connor came running to me..

Excitedly .. Connor came running to me..

… yesterday afternoon, after I had given him an apple for the birds.  I thought he was going to tell me that he had successfully pierced the apple onto the fruit stake on the bird feeder ..

Connor – “Granny, Granny …. come wif me …. come quickly … I need to show you sumfing

Me, now thinking he had found a lizard, dead bird, mushroom, pile of ants, mouse .. couldn’t think what could have made him so excited !!

Connor, taking me by the hand – “come Granny, quickly … but you must close your eyes”

So there I was, being led by the hand, peeping through my half closed eyes (as I didn’t want to trip!) … led towards the bird feeder

Connor excitement welled up in his little body – “look !”

Opening my eyes, I saw nothing different .. nothing out of the ordinary … nothing to get so excited about

me … “what … what am I looking at?”

Connor, who was bursting with excitement – “there are pink ones … and white ones … and purple ones!!!!”

me, now knowing what he was looking at – “oh … the flowers … those are sweetpeas!”

Connor – “but they are buutifool …. look …. I watered them and they growd !!”

Aaaawww!  Precious child!  

(He doesn’t usually see them (knee high variety) en mass in the flower bed as I regularly pick little bunches for the vase)  ……. I picked them last evening, after he went home … this is what he was so excited …..

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  1. Avril, I am covered in goosebumps, this is such a precious entry…and as a granny who lives so far away from my own grandchildren I see what I am missing on….the small things…

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