Weekly Winners : 12 – 18 Sept

Weekly Winners : 12 – 18 Sept


I bought Bradley and Connor gardening gloves, so they could keep up with their enthusiasm for being ‘my little helpers’ …

 It worked !!! .. we’ll see how long it lasts !!! 

Gardening Lesson One :  What’s a weed .. and what’s not a weed …. they weeded with gusto !   

“Got one … roots and all … “

“Look, Granny .. I got one too !!!

Toss it in the bucket …

… then give Jackie a good rub down with the gloves …

Gardening Lesson Two :  What to cut and what not to cut … they cut with gusto !!

…. scissors in a three year old’s hands are rather dangerous !!  

 .. snip … snip …

… str..e..tch …    str..e..tch      … snip … snip !!!

‘Ladybird, ladybird ..…fly away home …

.. your house is on fire ..

.. and your children are at home ‘

Am delighted with my new white iris’ … (first time flowering!) …..  at sunset in my garden

Ooooh … ????

ABSOLUTELY  couldn’t resist picking up THIS bottle of red wine … you MUST read the label …

… and it was yummy too !!!   ABSOLUTELY !!!!!  

Wine from Bartinney Winery in the Stellenbosch region of the Western Cape, South Africa   

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9 Replies to “Weekly Winners : 12 – 18 Sept”

  1. LOVE the label on the wine bottle. I would be so disappointed if the contents weren’t good too.

    Good call on the gloves. I hope they use them for a long time.

  2. My kids wouldn’t be able to help in the garden for more than 5 minutes nefore something else catches their attention. LOL! Lucky you? They may also be doing more harm than good. HAhahahaha…

  3. Your little helpers look so cute! I love to see Spring on your blog, I like it a lot more than Fall where I am. That wine bottle is awesome!
    Thanks for the link to Jeanette’s blog. I can never see enough pictures of Connor! He’s such a sweet little fellow!

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