No MacDonald’s !

No MacDonald’s !

Connor in the car .. on our way to fetch Bradley from school .. driving along a section of road which has a view across several kilometres over to a ridge of hills, Northcliff range of hills.  Sky is blue, not a cloud .. as is every day … we really really need rain ! …  Connor sees a plume of smoke beyond the ridge of hills ..

“There’s a fire”  … silence …. takes a deep startled breath … “it’s near MacDonald’s !” 

Silence for a second or two … takes yet another startled breath …  “Ohhh nooo  … I can’t go to MacDonald’s now …!!! ”   … very sad face 🙁

I am sure there must be a MacDonald’s somewhere in this vast area over which we were looking !!!

He makes me smile …  this little one !

3 Replies to “No MacDonald’s !”

  1. they tore down our McDonalds to rebuild…..people were in a panic…me not so much…I rarely go there….hope yours comes back soon…for the boys…

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