What I didn’t expect to see …

What I didn’t expect to see …

in this beautiful island of Mauritius …

… was firstly … traffic jams !!!   On our way through the capital of Port Louis, en route to our leisurely day on a catamaran, the traffic was at a standstill at one point – both ways!!  Didn’t think to get out the camera until our side of the road started moving.  The oncoming traffic was bumper to bumper, plus one lane on OUR side of the highway is used for traffic going into the city ….  (It took us 2 hours to do a 30 minute trip!)  Apparently, it’s like this every day, morning and evening!

Also didn’t expect to see so many stray dogs!!  The island is inhabited by thousands of them. Just as most places have a problem with stray cats, Mauritius has stray dogs and the country is so poor, that the government can’t keep up with a sterilization programme.  We hired a driver for a day’s inland trip and he told us this as I had mentioned that we had noticed so many dogs sheltering close to rocks on the beaches, walking along roads, lying in open grass, under trees – a lot of them limping from obviously being hit by cars, buses etc.

It broke my heart to see them .. so many of them … like this one lying on the beach near where we were having breakfast one morning   

 We watched him limp up the beach, tail wagging when he saw the tap and possible taste of fresh water … and then he lay there, behind the palm tree, hoping someone would open the tap.  It took a lot … an awful lot .. for us not to do just that.  The waiters and others looked on, knowing that it can’t be encouraged in a public/tourist spot.  Sad … very sad 🙁   

On our route through Port Louis with our driver, he stopped for me to take a photo of a Bunyan tree next to this house, outside which were three stray dogs.   

I didn’t expect to see so much housing like this too – I didn’t expect to see so much poverty … litter …. filth …  

… run down buildings (these below, were taken from the moving vehicle through the main streets in Curepipe – Mauritius’ second largest city) 

I didn’t expect to see this in a place we call ‘paradise’ !

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  1. Ah yes…good to see pics of the “real” Mauritius. I spent a month there with my best friend at the end of Standard 9. The contrast struck me too.

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