Exploding tummy !

Exploding tummy !

Second post for today but just had to share this ….

Bradley and Connor have an obsession with chewing gum.  I keep gum in the car … for me (!) … and they cottoned-on to the idea that I had it.  The ‘burny one’ mind you, but that didn’t stop them from chewing it for a minute or so before spitting it out … and holding it up … wanting a tissue to put it in.

Sooo … I bought the fruity one – also sugar free – for them 😉     Obviously it wasn’t the wisest thing in the world to do, as their obsession has worsened!   When Connor first had a few chews of the gum a while ago,  I made sure he knew NOT to swallow it – it’s just for chewing …. NOT swallowing.  He got the idea ” ‘cos Mommy told me that ” !!  Mommy also has it in her car 🙂

When we got home today (he didn’t go to school today as he has a nasty cough!)  he needed lunch, but was already chewing the gum (which he had taken unbeknown to me – he had taken one while I was taking my shopping from the boot of the car – bad granny for not having eyes open at the back of my head for one moment !!)  

To cut a long story – I noticed he eyes suddenly pop wide as saucers !!   Thinking he can’t breath, I asked him calmly if he was alright – one has to the ask that question before applying the Heimlich Manoeuvre!!

“I swallowed it” he said with a quivering voice.

Oh goodie – (he will now eat his lunch as I said he NEEDED to eat to help the gum go down into his tummy!  (note here  – because of him not feeling too well, he didn’t want anything to eat at all!)  But he was now holding the box from the cough mixture bottle, as I was shaking it ready to give him a spoonful after he ate some the lunch he-didn’t-want-in-the-first-place !!

“But … my tummy will explode …. from the chewing gum” !  Still with big eyes !! 

He was looking at the drawing on the box – little boy with xray chest showing lungs, in the centre of which is giant star with waving lines !!!

… and yes .. he ate lunch!!

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  1. You are such a special granny. He is so cute :0). You should have been a writer Avril, the way you described everything I could just picture it!!! Well done.

  2. Avril…check if it has Aspartame in the chewing gum….I cant eat chewing gum as all sugar free has it in..and its not something we want out kiddies to be eating….just a warning…you know why…:)

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