Weekly Winners : 2 – 9 Oct

Weekly Winners : 2 – 9 Oct

A bit late but nevertheless here are my Weekly Winners –

Stories to tell ….

A rose in honour of my Mum, Sylvia.   I have photographed it, for my blog many times, but each rose that appears has a beauty of it’s own … this time drenched in water (not from rain unfortunately as we have only had ‘a spit and a spot’)  – lots of wind, lightening and thunder but that about all 

Also photographed this one often …. a rose in honour of my Dad … I call it ‘Daddy’s rose’  –Sharifa  – I was planting it when my SIL phoned from Zimbabwe to tell me that he had just passed away.  The buds don’t usually open before the 21st October, the day we scattered his ashes, but this first bloom of the season, shining in the morning sunlight, opened early.   Is he telling me something ? …

The flower shop was selling Gerberas at an odd price .. well no price at all !!!    I thought it was some kind of a joke, or there were hidden cameras … but no … you could choose what you wanted to pay for each flower!    If they had sad faces … the price was not right – if they had smiley faces … the price was right !!!   They had smiley faces !!  🙂   🙂   …. now I’m wondering if I went just a little on the high side !!!   But I had the chappie from the coffee shop and the lady from the art shop also wondering what the best price would be.  They also agreed with my price … so everyone was happy in the end … a happily-ever-after story !!!!!   

No story here .. just pretty purply-pinky roses .. also from my favourite flower shop .. but these had a price !!

The Boys’ Beans Story –  the beans are growing … and the boys are delighted …

“Harry the Thirsty Hadeda”

‘Harry’ the Hadeda landed next to the pool ….

.. took one step closer ..

… ‘ooo .. ooo’ .. itchy spot ….  give it a good scratch …

… lean in … stretch forward … haaa … thirst quenching water …

… bend knees … before flying off again .. !!

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