Off to the Cape ..

Off to the Cape ..

Hubby and I fly down to the Cape tomorrow for a few days to see our Mum’s and family … a spot of whale watching and wine tasting will be slotted in-between 🙂 

Will need the latter, I’m sure, as visiting my Mum will be a hard one 🙁  She’s in her own world all the time, very well cared for in Frail Care, and didn’t know me the last visit .. this time may be different, I hope !  

How I would love to tell her so many things … all our family happenings .. …. … …

Bye for now ….

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  1. Am so sorry the weather is not going to be great while you there, I have been told to bring summer and warmer clothing, but compared to 2 and 4 degrees I’m sure 17/21 will be lovely and hot for me right now.

    Have a good time and yes, the worry is if Mom will recognize you…I cant imagine what that must feel like for a child…but am sure its going to fill your heart with joy to be with her for that time…even just to hold her hand, you know who she is..thats important.

    Will be blogging from Cape Town…so will be in touch.

  2. Talk to her about those things anyway Avril – it keeps them strong in your mind and subconsciously you never know what will sink in. We talk to Mom all the time, even though we’re not sure how much she understands. xx

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