It’s whaling season ..

It’s whaling season ..

… in Hermanus (the world’s best land based whale watching place) where the Southern Right Whales come to play and have their babies.  Humpback whales are also spotted but it’s mainly the Southern Right Whales.  A joy to watch … an absolute thrill to see them leaping, lolling around, fins and their huge tails flipping effortlessly into the air.   Hubby and I were in Hermanus for two days only, this time, visiting his Mum and family, so whale watching was brief for us, sadly, and it was raining most of the time.

Printed copies of this poem below were in the lounge of the Marine Hotel – a once-in-a-lifetime real treat !!!!!!! never to be repeated .. unless we win the lottery !!   We had a courtyard facing room … no sea view but … wow … luxurious !!  On our arrival we were upgraded to a suite – ultra luxurious !!!!  🙂  

                                                     ************ *****************

The energy of the world, round and full

humming with the beauty of creation.

The ocean wraps around, deep in mysteries.

Dolphins in ancient wisdom

forever innocent and playful

Spin the world alive

riding the waves.

their bodies flashing through the water

coming and going

The pod weaving it’s natural magic

reaching out to man

Their distinctive cry vibrating through

the waters of the world

resonating deep within man.

stirring long forgotten memories

Reconnecting the invisible bond.

We gaze in wonder and awe at the whales.

these huge creatures of the sea

who seem so centred and contented

in their whaleness.

They make their life’s journey

year after year

again and again

To roll in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean

to calve and roll and blow and suckle

and leave again

to return

again and again

We stand on the cliff top to look

and gape

and laugh in delight

and wonder at the world

Why are we so fascinated and eager

to stand and stare

at these amazing creatures of the deep

                                                                                             Dawn Dickerson – 2005

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  1. I also want to see this someday. Hubby promised that someday he will take me to see this wonder. I am facinated with whales and dolphins, so I know that this is a treat to see.

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