My tree is sick ..

My tree is sick ..

… and I am sad 🙁  

It’s a Silver Birch which I planted at least 18 – 20 years ago to give us shade on the front lawn.  And that it’s done … it’s provided mottled shade upon the green lawn for babies to lie on blankets … toddlers to crawl on rugs … littlies to play with toys … ‘picnics’ of tea, cool drinks and nibblies for us and the granchildren … Sunday lunches spread on a table for family and friends .. special occasions like summer Christmas feasts sprawled on the table with good food, family and friends .. relaxing with glasses of wine or beer … … and this is what it’s doing now … no sign of disease but one side of the whole tree is definitely ‘sick’ .  We are in a lightening belt and have had large trees struck.  Several trees have had to be taken down because of it.   I don’t think this is the case with my Silver Birch.   It’s not an indigenous tree (comes from colder climates up north). 

We’ve had plenty of rain last week and I am hoping the rain will help.   There seems to be new growth popping out of the side that’s dying so there is hope!!!!!   That’s an indication that it wasn’t struck by lightening.  The Treefeller once told me that once a tree has been struck it’s absolutely dead in the line down which the lightening travelled to ground level.

Does anyone know the lifespan of a Silver Birch?  Has anyone had the same problem? 

Can anyone help me?

ps : I have been a little slack with blog entries lately .. will get ‘my mojo’ back soon 🙂  

pps : quality of photo 1 is more like a silhouette as it was rather cloudy yesterday but you get the general idea – half the tree is dying and it should be flush with leaves !

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