Couldn’t resist ..

Couldn’t resist ..

… this unusual agapanthus at Lifestyle Garden Centre yesterday.   I met Jeanette and the boys for a cup of coffee and as we wandered about waiting for the boys to finish their ice creams (!) we spotted unusual agapanthus .. one was called ‘Black Panther’ – a deep deep purple …. I resisted (!)   There was another one called ‘Queen Mum’ – a huge, I mean enormous, head of florets, blue at the base turning white towards the tip … looks like those flowering hats the Queen Mum used to wear 🙂 🙂  … I resisted (!)   But just couldn’t resist this one called ‘Lily of the Nile’ … and neither could Jeanette.  So we both bought some !!!! 

Tall stems, up to 1.3 metres, an artistic curvy upper section with a deep purple/blue head … how could I not resist … just to see what happens next …. will it stay like that, or will it straighten … ????

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