Weekly Winners : 2 – 8 Jan

Weekly Winners : 2 – 8 Jan

Focus on ….. 

…. fiery flames …

…. on black ‘coals’ of those fiery flames ..  

… on a green ‘hotdog’ ??? !!!!

… on a green ‘lantern’ …

…. on all the buttons and dials …

… of  “mommy’s old camera – now mine!”  (Bradley is getting so good with his photography – like mommy like son!)

… and focus on ….

……dipping finger tips in water …


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10 Replies to “Weekly Winners : 2 – 8 Jan”

  1. that is so great that he is getting to start with a camera at an early age…beautiful photos Avril…we are getting sleet her in Texas today…

  2. I’ve been away for 2 or so weeks and it feels like I’ve missed so much on everybody’s blogs. It seems that you spent a lot of family time these holidays. Today is back to school for your littlies. I still have mine at home for a week.

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