Feeling a little drained …

Feeling a little drained …

This is how I will remember my Mum – walking through gardens and parks, taking in the beauty of all she sees …

 … embracing sea breezes whilst walking on a beach, singing like an angel every day around the house doing household chores, arranging flowers, knitting and sewing.  Always interested in everything and everyone.  She laughed … she loved … she lived life to the fullest.

I flew down to Somerset West over the weekend to say goodbye to her.  She is very frail and she has been taken off all her medication.   She knew I was there – I am very grateful.  She didn’t want me to go but I held her hand and stroked her hair until she was calm and sleeping.  I will remember her that way too.

I love you Mummy x x x

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  1. I have no words of comfort as this is far too sad for me even to begin to imagine the emotions you are going through right now…If was was closer I would have given you a hug, from one daughter who loves her mom to another…
    Peace be with you all during this time.

  2. Oh my dear friend! I know exactly what space you’re in and my heart aches for you! Keep all of those wonderful memories close to your heart! And it’s amazing how many more you remember once she has gone. I talk about my Mum all the time. It helps me feel so close to her.
    Thinking about you with much love xx

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