Skywatch Friday :

Skywatch Friday :

Next weekend, Hubby and I are going to the Drakensberg – Champagne Castle to be exact – for a few days and hopefully will be seeing more of the magnificent mountains than we did in 2009.  It is the rainy season and that area has record rains so far … Same view but zoomed in a bit more with Champagne Castle – 3 246 metre mountain – peeping through the swirling clouds … … swirling clouds again revealed the mountain seemingly next to Champagne Castle but is actually in front of and also seemingly higher – the 3 149 metre mountain called Cathkin Peak …. (below)

… swirling clouds then revealed the undulating Dragon’s Peak to the right …

The clouds cleared and we had magnificent views of mountains and sky (which I have featured two years ago on Skywatch!)  

Let’s hope we are able to see these majestic mountains without the rain clouds next weekend ….  we will be taking a good book   .. just in case ! 

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