Sunday Selections :

Sunday Selections :

During our holiday spent in Ireland in 2009 (can’t believe it was that long ago!!!) hubby and I went on one of those open top tourist buses that scoot around the streets of cities while you, as passengers/tourists sitting on the top deck, have your hair and scarf blowing in the rushing wind …. while you try and keep your ear piece firmly in your ears listening to the commentator telling you to “look to your left/right/straight ahead” aiming the camera at whatever it is that you have to look at  …. while concentrating on all the interesting facts he’s telling you !!!   And when the bus gets stuck in traffic … as we did on numerous occasions through Dublin .. the bus driver stops the commentary and continues at what should be the appropriate spot .. he generally got it spot on but sometimes we wondered what on earth we were supposed to looking at .. it was coming up ahead or round the corner … sort of delayed reaction commentary !!

 Anyway …. from atop the bus, the ‘voice’ told us the story of the coloured doors in Ireland.  Queen Victoria told her people/nation/subjects that all doors had to be painted black!    No … no … no  … not the Irish .. they painted them all different colours …  

This door below was a ‘boring brown’ but the ‘voice’ told us that the glass cover above the door was for a candle before the city got electricity …  

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  1. That is an interesting piece of trivia. Typical Irish contrariness. A lot of us here in Tasmania are descended from Irish convicts and we don’t like being told what to do either 🙂 Thanks for joining in again Avril. cheers Kim

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