Before February gets underway …

Before February gets underway …

.. I must share this beautiful calendar with you – a Christmas gift from Jeanette and family –  

 Each month has a photo of our grandchildren.  I shall be sharing twelve pages as the year goes by 🙂  I am absolutely thrilled with it !!

February is a new beginning for me.  January didn’t start well – my body wasn’t accepting too kindly to anti-depressants which the doctor prescribed for me during December.  Christmas was an internal battle .. I was suffering from ‘morning sickness’ every day as well as the usual ‘creepy’ feelings, light headedness, absolutely nil enthusiasm for anything and intense tiredness as I have been since May last year when my anxiety/panic attacks began.  Doc insisted that I stay on these pills as he said they DO work, especially for a ‘sensitive’ body like mine … my DIL also kept telling me that by Feb I will be normal again – “I promise” she kept insisting. I didn’t believe her !!  

She was right and I was wrong .. I am normal … myself again … I am ME …. and it’s NICE!

Going to Mauritius in August was, I thought, the beginning of the ‘new me’ but it didn’t last long and off I toddled back to the psychologist on a regular basis .. and doctor – both have helped me tremendously.  Going to the psychologist has worked wonders and I recommend this path to anyone in need of psychological help. 

You talk a lot ….  you cry a lot …. you eventually heal.

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  1. Avril…I’m glad to here you are feeling like you again…glad you didn’t give up….
    such a nice gift your grands are just too cute for words…I made a calendar for my Mom this year with photos I have taken of the past year she really enjoyed it….

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