Zig-zagging around potholes!

Zig-zagging around potholes!

Potholes were particularly bad on the stretch of road along Champagne Valley and closer to the base of the mountain range at Champagne Castle towards the Monks Cowl car park.

But we encountered detours en route from the turn-off from Harrismith where long stretches of repair are underway … causing delays in traffic …   

It gave me a chance to take a photo of the surrounding countryside in the vicinity of Sterkfontein Dam whilst we were stationery … instead of the usual whizzing along with me trying to capture it.  When I think I have the perfect spot to click, we pass alongside a clump of grass/bush, small mound/hill …. or we hit a hump in the road and I capture a blur …. or pointing the camera through a gap in a bug-squished windscreen .. 

… even had a chance to capture the curios on the side of the road when curio makers/sellers take advantage of the string of cars at forced stops ..

Cute, hey?

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  1. Some of those roads through the roadworks and into the Northern Drakensberg is very bad. There is one section just before starting to go down the mountain where the potholes are all over the road and not just on one side or the other.

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