Oh no !!! … no birthday cake !!

Oh no !!! … no birthday cake !!

 Well …. not the usual ‘Granny Speciality Chocolate Birthday Cake with Smarties’ !!!

My oven was not repaired in time to make it.  My Mum had written down a microwave choc cake recipe a few years ago but there were ‘bits’ missing and it didn’t make much sense therefore there was a need, a desperate need, to find a recipe on Internet. 

Bingo found one … made the entire cake within half an hour!  (recipe at end of post)  Just in time for the school run … Bradley’s karate class … back home … ice cake … decorate cake … make tea and kiddies juices …

… make tea … kiddies juices … blow out candles …

“””Happy Birthday to you … happy birthday to you … …. …. ….  “”” !! 

…. suck yummy choccie icing off bottom of candles …


Sharing the quick and easy recipe – not as good as my normal oven baked choccie cake but it’s a good standby !!

7 Minute Microwave Chocolate Cake

1 cup sugar     : 1 cup boiled water     : 1 cup cake flour     : 45 ml cocoa     : 45 ml oil    

12.5 ml baking powder     : 5 ml vanilla essence     : 2 eggs    : pinch of salt


– Spray non stick microwave ring pan

– Beat eggs with sugar and then add oil and vanilla

– Dissolve cocoa in boiling water

– Mix cake flour, baking powder and salt

– Add in cocoa mixture and egg mixture to flour mixture … beat ’til smooth

– Pour into ring pan and micro for 6 – 7 minutes.

– If wet spots are detected micro for further minute – DO NOT OVERCOOK !!!!!!

Viola !!

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  1. GRANNY to the rescue….now that is something I would never have been able to do as not a baker or a cook….
    Well done for saving the day..
    Love the photo’s of you little boy!!

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