Skywatch Friday :

Skywatch Friday :

During our recent short trip to the Drakensberg, hubby and I went to the ‘Falcon Ridge – Bird of Prey Centre’ where Greg and Alison enthusiastically share their knowledge and expertise on the rehabilitation of raptors.   There are flight displays (weather permitting) of these amazing birds … very very difficult to capture with my camera and hubby’s camera decided to go on the ‘blink’ while there 🙁    

Flight of the Crowned Eagle …  there he is .. in the distance being chased by one of three Yellow Billed Kites which hang around every day for titbits !!  This Crowned Eagle is a youngster which they are trying to train in time for his migration to Kenya in March/April but he is slow learner!!  Greg doesn’t think he will be ready so he may have to stay with them for another year until the next migration …  

I managed to capture one of the Yellow Billed Kites as it swooped overhead …

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