Her room echoes ….

Her room echoes ….

 .. even though I’ve moved around all the things Elaine has left.  My youngest daughter .. my youngest child .. my baby girl .. my Sweetie Pie .. has moved out of home 🙁   

We really do have a empty nest now!!   She has been so excited about the move and I am happy for her.  She and her boyfriend Bryan have purchased a flat together and have spent the last week and half scrubbing and painting whilst moving in at the same time.  Madness, hubby and I said – it’s easier to move AFTER everything is ‘spic and span’  !!  But they were determined!  I have taken ‘before’ and ‘during’ photos of their move but I need to take photos of the ‘after’ before I blog about it!  They haven’t quite finished but it’s looking so nice.   I went for supper one evening last week while hubby was away on business but left my camera at home 🙁    Will take some photos later today when we pop in after Elaine gets home from work.    Their new flat is only 10 minutes away … close by, but I still miss her so much.  I miss the ‘girlie’ chats … I miss her not being here in the mornings having a cup of tea on our bed before going off to work (we have always had a family gathering for early morning tea on the our bed every morning!)  .. oh how I miss it! I miss the sound of her hairdryer  … her smell … her shoes lying around (!) … … …

She left home four years ago to take up a six month scholarship at Jonkoping University in Sweden.  Packed her suitcase in the spare room …   

… unpacked in her room …  

… woke up to birthday prezzies in her room …

… studied in her room – usually at her desk, but sometimes on her bed … 

This is the only home she has known … she grew up here … in her room

Miss you Sweetie Pie … love you lots

I wish you happiness always

love Mom x x x

p.s. don’t forget your dentist appointment today 🙂 


7 Replies to “Her room echoes ….”

  1. Oh my! How I dread the day! 🙁 LOL! Love how she studies on her bed – Stacey does exactly the same thing! And as for that little smile – doesn’t Erin look just like her? All the best Elaine – wishing you many happy moments in your new home! 🙂

  2. a Mom is always a Mom no matter how big the kids get..lucky she lives so close by…a new era is beginning…I bet you will get into the groove really soon…what a beautiful young lady she has become…

  3. I also wanted to comment about how much Erin looks like her.

    I know that one day we will have to go through through that as well. But for now my princess sleeps in her own bed. Daddy will be investing in a big gun within the next few years though.

  4. My heart breaks for you losing your last baby, I so understand all of this, but its not about me now, its about YOU…and your hubby is away ~ I feel for you, honestly, it takes time to get over one’s baby leaving home…and look at those last two photo’s, and as you said its the room she grew up in…Must be as hard for her, even though she is excited to begin this new chapter in her life….

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