African Fish Eagle

African Fish Eagle

…at Falcon Ridge, Champagne Valley … is a youngster who was taken out of his nest when he was a very young bird by a little farm boy who to rear him until he was old enough to slaughter and sell him for his plumage  🙁   Fortunately he was rescued and taken to the Centre where he is on the long road of rehabilitation

Greg walked very slowly with him, talking gently to him all the time …

… words of encouragement .. coaxing him … calming him …

.. until Greg was able to walk away .. leaving this magnificent bird keeping his sharp watchful eye on all of us.  We were told not to get too close (had to zoom in to get close ups below).  There is something very magical about the sound of the African Fish Eagle resonating through the bushveld.   This beautiful creature was giving us a concert of echoing calls.  Greg said that even though it’s a sound we all love, it’s actually a sign of aggression and a warning to keep away !!


Keeping a watchful steely eye on us … strange humans … as Alison attaches a transmitter onto his leg in case he flies off during his training flight..    

Small transmitter attached to his left leg  …

Having been taken from the nest when young and reared by the human touch, teaching him to fend for himself and catch his food in the wild requires loads and loads of patience!  Greg and Alison have such patience!   

His training flight was short and sweet !!!  Couldn’t capture any of it as it was over in a flash!!   A piece of chicken was thrown into the water below … magnificent creature spread his wings .. swooped down .. scooped up the chicken … munch munch munch … in the comfort of his own space ..

It took Greg a long time to get close to him again … coaxing patiently … before he climbed back onto the gloved hand and taken back to his cage

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