I wore a deep purple flower …

I wore a deep purple flower …


… attached to the sash tied on the empire line of a chocolate brown ‘One Dress’ made by Sass Designs when I accompanied my son Carl to the Annual Banquet of the District Grand Lodge of South Africa, North on Saturday night 

An evening where Freemasons and their wives/partners from all over the District gather for the presentation of a yearly donation of R1 000 000 to a charity with dinner courses served in between toasts and short speeches. 

Carl yearly has his head shaved for the annual Cancer Shavathon where all the fallen locks – and yes, even from the short men’s hair – are gathered and donated for the making of wigs for cancer patients  

This year the donation was presented to the Hamlet Foundation – a training facility for intellectually disabled children between the ages of 3 and 18 years

Table settings were pretty but I didn’t much go for the blue ruffled organza under the centre piece (maybe it had a significence?)

Printed at the back of the menu was a list of all past donations to charities over the last 16 years … 

I think I caused a few eyebrows to be raised as the place settings had names written with titles ‘Mr and Mrs … ‘  !!  When we all introduced ourselves at our table we, of course, just used first names – I only realised after a while why I was being asked odd/probing questions.   Once I said I was Carl’s Mum and standing in for his wife Nicole who was unable to be there, ordinary chatter followed !!!!   I should have kept them guessing .. !!

 The food and service were very good …. except for two waiters !!!!  One tried to hide a salad that was slopped on a gentleman’s jacket by swiftly scooping it onto the floor!!   His jacket was cleaned in an instant by an apologising supervisor.  And then we had a drinks waiter who couldn’t understand the word Merlot – as in red wine Merlot!     Ah .. yes .. he understood … finally!!!  Off he toddled and came back with Miller’s beer !!   It then had to be explained very carefully and slowly !!!!  

 Besides the little mishaps … the Johannesburg Country Club is a grand old place that’s been around since 1906, set in beautiful gardens with, I believe, a spectacular golf course  

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  1. Thank you so much for attending with me. It was a fabulous evening. Over R 18 000 000 has been donated to charities over the last 16 years. The blue does have significance: Blue is the royal colour of King Solomon, and hence the craft lodges are referred to as ” Blue lodges”.

    1. No photo of me in the dress .. sorry!! Go to Sassdesign website .. find One Dress .. imagine it in chocolate brown .. imagine it with the deep purple flower .. imagine me in it .. and viola !! 🙂

  2. I love evenings like that! Been to a wedding at the Country Club – it was beautiful! Been meaning to ask you Avril – how is your Mum doing? I have not been on the PC at home, and I can’t always comment at work! Sending much love to you today! J x

  3. Never been to a fancy due like myself…but how special that you got to do it with your son….thats something I would love to do….went with my son to watch his then girlfriend is a smartish Italian beautify competition and loved that, so can imagine how proud you felt sitting next to your boy.

  4. It sounds as though you had a
    ╚═╩═╣╔╩═╩╝ time; would also liked to have seen YOU in your dress. I’m sure that everyone thought that you were someone special; although they weren’t sure‼‼‼
    ♥ Helen

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