Dear Neighbour …

Dear Neighbour …

It’s a beautiful morning, isn’t it?  Unfortunately you have spoilt your tree, which I look at every single day .. and many times during the day, as I see it from my kitchen window, the back door and whenever I walk out the back door which is often !!

When I came home yesterday from my calming yoga class I couldn’t understand why everything looked a little brighter at the back until I saw your tree which hangs over our mutual garden wall but also over my garden shed and, when your tree grows very large, it hangs over my washline.  Thank you so much for cutting it back but I wish you had considered us !!

You have left the most important branch (to us) as this one will eventually grow larger and stronger and lean right over my garden shed and washline.  It would have much nicer if you had asked your treefeller to not leave that huge trunk sticking up too .. doesn’t look very nice!

I am hoping your treefeller will be back today to continue his job as I am going out to gym this morning.  Please could tell him, ever-so-nicely, to please cut off all these branches which ‘will eventually grow larger and stronger’ and which will have to be cut by us, paid for by us, as we have done so on three occasions in the past.

Thanking you so very kindly and wishing you a lovely day

Your neighbour x x x

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  1. Oh dear! I hate it when neighbours do silly things – like ours who built a second story to their house overlooking our entrance! AND they never close their curtains, so I can’t help but look straight into their bedroom when I come home from work or leave in the morning! 🙁

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