Sunday Selections # 10

Sunday Selections # 10

Thought I would share photos from my weekend

Oriental lilies which I’ve had in a vase since last weekend but now everytime I look at their beauty and perfection, my prayers go out to everyone in Japan …

On a happier note …
Erin built a tower within a tower …

… up and up … block by block …  

Chocolate icing … again … candles … again  … another birthday cake … again …
Surprise !!!!!!!   … another ‘Granny Speciality’ Birthday Cake !!!! 

“No Smarties !!!   Oh no …

… not going to look if there are no Smarties …

… every time I open my eyes, my mommy’s taking photos !!!!

… ok … ok … I’ll have some cake .. even though there are no Smarties !!! 

Who needs Smarties … worms are tastier, juicier and oh so yummy …. especially in the cool late afternoon ….  (Olive Thrush silhouetted against the sky)  

… give us a taste … pleeeeze …  (Black Collared Barbits also silhouetted against the evening sky)

… or we’ll all gang up on you  !!!! 

For more Sunday Selections visit our host Kim at Frogpondsrock

8 Replies to “Sunday Selections # 10”

  1. There’s an architect in the making 🙂 And only from looking at your chocolate iced birthday cake I can feel my trousers getting tighter. Yum! Love the birds 😉
    And what happened in Japan is so devastating that it’s almost unbelievable. Our thoughts are with them too.

  2. Thanks for joining in Avril, I love oriental lilies and need to get myself some bulbs. My thoughts are with Japan as well. The devastation in New Zealand, the cyclones and floods in Australia it has been a tragic start to the year 🙁

  3. I love oriental lilies too, nice shot. The birds on the wire are great images too as are the kids enjoying themselves. Yes, our thoughts are with those in Japan, totally devastating and also still with those in Christchurch and surrounds as well as with those still cleaning up after the floods, cyclone and fires here in Oz…

  4. Oooh – chocolate cake!! With or without Smarties, a real pleasure always! Mmmm!

    Love the pics of floating in the pond! My younger son used to do just the same. The older one learned to swim, but never to just ‘be’ in the water and enjoy the weightlessness, because he was too anxious about the whole thing!

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