Sunday Selections #11

Sunday Selections #11

To continue with my ‘doors’ theme, as I featured a few weeks on Sunday Selections, here are some small/short doors from our trips to England, Wales and Ireland

People from way back must have been very short !!!!   I am 5’5″ …. I didn’t have to bend going through the centre of this doorway…

… but hubby did !!  Cahir Castle in the County of Tipperary in Ireland 

A fisherman’s cottage on the grounds of Bunratty Castle in Co. Clare, Ireland …

The door of a quaint tea room ‘The Bridge’ came up to hubby’s shoulder :  Bradford-on-Avon near Bath in England … just by the way … they serve THE MOST delicious scones and clotted cream !!

In the very old and extremely quaint coastal town of Rye, England, which dates back to 1066,  there are quite a few small doors on houses.  It’s a picturesque ancient town with narrow cobbled streets ….  

A beautiful old building that was once a school in early Rye ….

This was the smallest door we came across but unfortunately both hubby and I were on our own mission taking photos, neither of us stood beside the door for size and height comparison ..

It’s built into the inner archway of the gatehouse of the Monnow Bridge built in 1270 and which is the only surviving medieval bridge in Britain …

The medieval Monnow Bridge is built over the river that runs alongside the town of Monmouth in Wales …

… where there is an appropriately named pub … it has an ordinary door but thought it would be interesting to add this bit of trivia !!! 

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7 Replies to “Sunday Selections #11”

  1. Wow … those are some very small doorways! Especially the one on the bridge – I didn’t know it was the only mediaeval bridge left in Britain, by the way! Now I shall HAVE to go and look at it!

    Your husband would have seemed like a giant to the people of the day.

  2. Incredible to think how small people must have been back then, though it’s interesting that ceiling heights accommodate our height otherwise no one would be able to visit these ancient buildings, or they’d have to crouch the whole way through! And my favourite is actually the smallest door on its own, it’s a nice one to have framed 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photo’s, love them. You’re right they were all very short way back when. When I did my family history most of the men were under or only just five feet tall. Hope you have a lovely week.

  4. I enjoyed that photo essay very much Avril. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I also liked the small door on the bridge the best as well. I think it was the combination of the old stonework with the lovely old hinges and shape of the door.

  5. Now we know where the hobbits stay. In Ireland. Normal people must all be walking around with bumps on their heads.

    It’s hard for a South African to grasp the idea of a structure dating back to the 13th century.

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