They say life was simple in the old days …

They say life was simple in the old days …

It may have been simple but it was jolly hard work!!!!

I found ‘amongst-my-Mum’s-recipe-books’ ….

… of her school books which makes fascinating reading … (my Mum’s youngest sister had the same book a year later)  

Even though they were born and brought up in Rhodesia they followed the South African Schools curriculum in those days  …

The first half of the book has recipes but the rest has instructions on how to launder, clean the house and generally caring for and running the household.  No wonder my Mum and her generation were so fanatical about cleanliness and tidyness … they not only were taught at school but were guided by their mothers in the home …

I had a giggle when I got to the back page .. girls will be girls !!!  Plumtree was, and still is, a boarding school for boys outside Bulawayo … she and/or her sister must have the ‘hots’ for the boys there … no wonder Mum married one !!!  (My dad was a Plumtree boy! – she only met him a few years later)

In a follow-up post, I shall take some hints and “how to do’s ” from the book – just a few – to show just how tough it was in those days!!   Not a moment spare for any ‘ME’ time at all for the women in those ‘olden’ days !!!!

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  1. What an amazing treasure you have found there within those covers….
    None of my family left anything behind….no journals….I would love to have read more…
    Treasure what you have.

  2. Hi Avril,

    I was most interested to see that your Mum had written PLUM TREE in the back of one of her books. My brother Arthur Brooks was also an old Plumtree boy and he was mad keen on golf. An excerpt from an old newspaper cutting reads “PATTERSON IS PLUMTREE CHAMPION GOLFER …………The Junior Championship (Burls Cup) over 18 holes, was won by A Brooks with a score of 73 net. the other runner up was Richard Barret with 75 net.


      1. I think your Dad was there before Arthur went to Plumtree. Depending on when your Dad was born he would have been about twelve or more years older than Arthur who was born in July 1937.
        Love H

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