High’s and low’s of visiting an emergency room

High’s and low’s of visiting an emergency room

High …. just one. 

Fill in form .. have to put down my age .. go through to sister for BP check .. she goes through form .. gets to age … “is this your age?”  “yes”  … seconds of silence before I ask “why” curiously?  …. “YOU don’t look it … you look much younger”  🙂  🙂  🙂  see me beam !!!   I was not blessed with good genes for skin and body parts but do use heaps of moisturizers and do exercise on a regular basis !

Low – just one

Doctor comes in to see me .. asks me to bend my fingers .. I do but “it’s a touch sore!”  .. “I don’t want sore – I want to see if you can bend your fingers”  (nice bedside manner … direct!) ..  he bends them for me and prods and pushes … “nothing broken” – yay – never had a broken bone in my body!   That’s a good thing .. I’m ageing well !!!!!

Until … he says … “you know …. you can’t do the things you used to do when you were younger!”  Words I don’t like hearing! 

But of course I can … and I do – I may have to do some of things a touch slower … and have to bend my knees more to pick up heavy objects like gardening material eg compost, stepping stones, large’ish pots filled with soil and a plant (otherwise I drag them or roll them (!) etc and then of course there’s Connor, who weighs a ton!  He’s runs to me every day after school and wants to be lifted high, hugged and kissed !!   While I can .. I will !

My middle fingers – ‘Tommy Tall’ – are the ones I seem to use for carrying a weight of any sort … like lifting up cooking pots with my left hand and taking one out from the bottom … that kind of thing.  Lately  I have been doing quite a bit of ‘weight bearing’ gardening and most days after the boys school there are activities which I stay for and for which I take a picnic bag filled with nibblies and juice.   Apart from this, I lug another bag with rug – both these bags go on each shoulder so I have my hands free for school bags!  I know … I know .. let the boys carry their own bags … … …. … … 
Sooooo to cut a rather long story short, my left hand ‘Tommy Tall’ dislocated on Friday afternoon while the boys and I  were at Bradley’s karate.  I can’t even tell you how it happened it just did … my left ‘TT’ wasn’t where it was supposed to be …. I shook my hand to straighten my fingers and all was well!  or so I thought.  As the afternoon and evening wore on, it became more sore and by next morning my hand was starting to swell.   During the course of Saturday it swelled more and got very painful …  soooo … hubby, who was now back from his trip to Ghana, took me to the emergency room to be seen by very friendly staff who were efficient and smiling but with a doctor who tells me that at my stage in life I need to start taking it easy !!!!  He told me, for the next week, to sit in front of the TV and DO NOTHING !!   

I don’t think so !!! 


4 Replies to “High’s and low’s of visiting an emergency room”

  1. LOL Mom you do need to be more careful 🙂
    Can’t believe you left it so long!! I had no idea you were hurt when I saw you on Friday!

  2. you can’t keep a good woman down….why is it when your over 40 the Drs always say at your age….eeek….

  3. Glad to hear it is better. You know, the doctor once told me that what they tell us when we get older like using your knees is actually what we should do from very young. That way, we will have less injusries when we are older (and I am “just” 42)

  4. Does that Dr not know that 40 is the new 30 and 50 the new 40!!!!!!!!!
    Of course we can do all things still…and will for as long as possible..
    You keep going….don’t listen to those old fish wife stories about growing old…we the new old generation!!!!

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