Sunday Selections #14

Sunday Selections #14

Doors … again !!  

I’ve had fun looking for doors and gates (my self-proclaimed theme for Sunday Selections at the moment!) .. have even found I have a fetish for fences too .. so watch this space !!  Luckily I’ve moved them to a separate folder so they’re easy to find now as I don’t have much time for blogging just now – Elaine is needing a dress for the up-coming wedding of Bryan’s sister (Bryan being E’s boyfriend).  She hunted high and low for a dress she liked –  couldn’t find one … I now have to make one!   Don’t sew much these days as it’s so much easier just to buy clothes … anyway … my sewing machine is plugged in and ready to go ….  

Here are some of those anticipated doors ….  🙂 

Glass revolving door ….    The Cullinan Hotel in Cape Town …

.. front door …   house next to a pub opposite a ferry crossing in small town of Ballyhack, Ireland …

…. back door …. St Paul’s Cathedral, London …

cellar door – La Petite Ferme, Franschhoek, Western Cape …

castle door … Dungarvon Castle in County Waterford, Ireland  …

A red door, wood/glass door, black door, blue door …. a blue door at Nottinghill – just like in the movie!!!  I love that movie – one of my favourites – and got rather excited/ecstatic when I found a blue door in Nottinghill !!!   It was the real thing !!    Hugh Grant didn’t open the blue door and stroll down the street  🙁      


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7 Replies to “Sunday Selections #14”

  1. Ooooh! I love doors and windows too! I often take pics of interesting doors. You did a great job and found a great variety. The first building is so graceful and contrasts nicely with the little cottage door in Ireland. 🙂

  2. I have always wanted a cellar. I am drawn to the curved doors. My mother used to make all my clothes when I was a girl, I remember Mum made my friend and I identical halter tops and skirts. We thought we were the bees knees lol

    1. Kim .. I always made my clothes until prices of patterns and material overtook bought stuff – it didn’t seem worth it .. all that effort !!! Made all my daughters’ dresses when they were little until they discovered that bought clothes were far better as ‘everyone’ was wearing them !! Clothes had to have labels !!!

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