Ladies and guests evening at the Lodge

Ladies and guests evening at the Lodge

My son, Carl, is a Freemason, following in the footsteps of his Great Great Grandfather, Andrew McMurray and his father in law, Keith, and he was honoured to be chosen by the brethren of Orphic Lodge to the position of Worshipful Master for a year.  Every second year the Lodge is open for an evening to the ladies – wives and girlfriends, and guests.  Hubby and I went to the previous evening two years ago and we were especially thrilled to be part of this one which was held a few weeks ago as our Carl, the Worshipful Master presided from King Solomon’s Chair …   

His wife Nicole was invited to sit next to him  …

 These open evenings give guests an opportunity to see inside the Lodge and meeting halls as well as getting an insight into the functions of Freemasonry including an explanation of the regalia such as the aprons and collars ..


Only Lodge members are permitted up the beautifully bannistered staircase, unless the dining room is open to guests, which it was this particular evening .. 

On the walls are portraits of past Grand Masters …

P.S.  Hubby and I visited the magnificent Freemasonry Great Hall in London when we were holidaying in 2008 

.. and sneaked a few photos in the impressive museum … 

Thank you Carl for inviting us to this very special evening 🙂

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